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Small World Play - The new world for kids

Between the ages of two and three, kids start to really dive into their imaginative side. It's when they start to pretend play.

Small world play is like magic for kids. It's all about letting their imagination run creatively, nurturing their interests 🎬🪐 They can dive into discussions, act out scenarios, and build their knowledge about everything around them – from animals and places to mythical creatures like fairies and unicorns! 🦄

🐨🏠Kids creating mini worlds with little figurines, animals, and scenery, all while exploring familiar or even made-up situations, is the equivalent of them being directors of their own company. It becomes their world! 🚘 And by adding in different objects, they're constantly expanding their creativity 🪴💬


💓🌈 Small world play isn't just fun; it's super beneficial for emotional development too.

It's a safe space for kids to explore different emotions and situations, just like we adults do in our heads. They can act out scenarios, experiment with feelings, and learn how to handle them – all while having a blast! 🧚

Social skills : Small world play is like a master class in #teamwork and #communication. Kids learn how to share, listen, and respect each other's ideas. They're basically little social butterflies in training! 🦋

Oh, and the #problem-solving skills they develop! Whether it's sorting, counting, or rearranging objects, they're constantly.

Playing is Learning 


But the best part? 🌏

Small world play helps kids understand the world around them. They can travel to far-off lands, explore different cultures, or even imagine themselves as grown-ups. It's like a ticket to endless adventures right in their own playroom 🌟


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